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Children often face multiple challenges during their schooling. A typical ‘chalk & talk’ method of teaching may not often suit them. To add to their problems, if children don’t grasp a particular concept well, they usually do not get a second chance to understand it better. They just progress to the higher standard,further aggravating the situation. And last but not the least, schools and our social environment conventionally provide recognition and glory only to those children who academically do well, while self-esteem of the rest may get badly dented.

Samvaad addresses these issues by:
1. Conducting Labs for children
2. Conducting Workshops for parents
3. Working with teachers in schools / Training the Teachers

Samvaad deals extensively with adolescence and the challenges around growing boys and girls. Our workshops and our counselling facility in this area is one of our key differentiator.
What’s New?
  • ‘Bhavnangan’ – Labs for children in Emotional Intelligence
  • ‘Sexuality : Let’s talk /Anghad Avaghad’ – a Workshop on Sexuality for parents
  • ‘Samvaad...a dialogue’ presents a paper in ‘Tech for Seva’ Conference

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