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Vaad Samvaad

Children start becoming quite independent by the time they are 8-9 years old. They are able to gradually manage many of their daily chores. This is also the time when they start forming their own independent opinions. They may not always agree with what we tell them. They may question some of it, simply ignore it, or at times talk back at us. As children enter their teenage phase, these instances increase, at times becoming even nasty.

While it is difficult to deal with children during such instances, ignoring such behaviour may not bode well for the future. These are challenging times for us parents.

It helps a great deal if we can understand our childrens’ emotions and are able to strike a dialogue with them.

The workshop ‘Vaad Samvaad’ by ‘Samvaad … a dialogue’ is to help do that.

The workshop will help in familiarizing with the concept of ‘Emotional Intelligence’ and understand its role in our daily dealings.

What is Emotional Intelligence and why is it so important?

Not all children who are leading scorers in school, who are typically among the top 10, do well in later life. On one hand, we see the leading scorers in school, not succeeding much in real life. While on the other hand, we also see many children, who were not so good at school, growing up succeeding very well in later life.

It has very clearly emerged from research in the last two decades, that IQ is not the all encompassing sole factor responsible for success in life. In fact there are so many other aspects that lead us to an enriched life leading to success - how we understand and handle our own emotions, how we behave with others, how well are we able to understand others, how do we handle difficult situations, our decision-making ability, tenacity, optimism. All these are elements of Emotional Intelligence.

Our emotional world starts taking shape at a very young age – responses of our near and dear ones, their own emotional foundation, the encouragement and support they offered, their expectations, the fear they instilled in you, the bribes they offered you – all these aspects go into the making of a person’s emotional foundation.

For this, it is important to understand how parents’ seemingly innocuous everyday reactions and responses play a role in the shaping of a child’s emotional world and decision-making capabilities. This workshop will address that.

Who can participate ?

Parents of children in the age group 5 to 16