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Summer 2017 : Schedule

Fun-da-mentals: Summer Schedule

Fun-da-mentals, our labs for children, help strengthen their understanding and make them comfortable with key concepts in Maths, Science, Languages, and Geography. These labs are designed around the principals of Emotional Intelligence (EI) to suit each child’sLearning Style.

Let your child enjoy learning through emotional well-being.

Sr No Labs For Whom? Dates Timing
1 Word Problems in Multiplication & Division For those in std 4,5,6 in 2017-18 May 8 to 13 5 to 7 pm
2 Linear Equations For those in std 8,9,10 in 2017-18 Apr 29 to May 5 8 to 10 am
3 Chemical Equations For those in std 8,9,10 in 2017-18 Apr 29 to May 5 10.30 am to
12.30 pm
4 Congruency For those in Std 9,10 in 2017-18 May 26 to Jun 2 Day off 28 8 to 10 am
5 India Geography (of std 10) India Geography (of std 10) May 26 to Jun 2 Day off 28 10.30 am to
12.30 pm

अनकही…let’s talk

Sex and Violence related content is now easily available at the click of a mouse. It is also flung at us in heaps by numerous media sources. The extent and speed of its rampant spread and its socio-cultural effects has left parents feeling inadequate and extremely worried. Sex Education covered in schools does not address these issues.

Sexuality is a much wider subject than Sex. It is relevant right from the time we are born as a male or female - and throughout. Certain customs and social norms that prevail in society are woven around gender and sexuality and form a part of our value system.

Here’s an opportunity for our children to get ‘age-appropriate’ knowledge on ‘sexuality’ and not mere ‘sex’.

“Samvaad…a dialogue” helps address this through a lab in sexuality for teenagers & young adults - “अनकही…let’s talk”.

Sr No Batch For Whom? Dates Timing
1 Batch 1 Sp Batch for those who have appeared for Std 10, with emphasis on ‘Threshold of a new college world’ Apr 23 to 28 9 to 12
2 Batch 2 For those going to Std 8, 9, 10 & 11 May 17,18,19,22,23,24 4:30 to 7:30
3 Batch 3 For those in Std 12 & higher June 2,3,4,9,10,11 4:30 to 7:30


As per research in the last three decades, IQ is not the sole factor which can guarantee success. How we identify and handle our own emotions, how we understand others, how we handle difficult situations, our decision-making ability, optimism, tenacity - these are equally important aspects which determine success or failure and are elements of Emotional Intelligence (EI)

While our children try to stay ahead in the IQ race, let us help improve their EI and empower them to face the challenges ahead.

‘Samvaad…a dialogue’ helps address this through - “Bhavanangan” -a lab in Emotional Intelligence for children.

  For Whom? Dates Timing
Bhavanangan Mini For those in Std I & II in yr 2017-18 May 28 to Jun 1 4.30 to 7.30
Bhavanangan Level A For those in Std V, VI & VII in yr 2017-18 Batch 1 Apr 17 to 26 4.30 to 7.30
Batch 2 May 15 to 24 9 to 12
Bhavanangan Level B For those in Std VIII, IX, X & XI in yr 2017-18 Batch 1 May 6 to 13 9 to 12
Batch 2 Jun 5 to 13 4.30 to 7.30