For Children

Labs for Children

Children, who struggle on the academic front, typically don’t enjoy studies. These children may further develop a strong dislike or even a phobia for a subject because of the often paranoid expectations of parents and teachers.

Here’s where “Samvaad … a dialogue” brings in a novel concept - Fundamentals.

‘Fun-da-mentals’, our wing that works directly with children, conducts Labs for children of age group 6-15 years (std 1st to 10th). These Labs strengthen their understanding of key concepts in various subjects. The ‘labs’ are structured around various concepts like Reading, Word Problems, Map reading, Balancing equations etc. These are short sessions of 2 hours each, conducted for a batch of 5-6 children. Children of different ages from different standards attend these labs. The common purpose is to get comfortable with the concept with emphasis on hands-on work.

The labs are designed keeping in mind the principles of Emotional Intelligence (EI). We nurture an environment where mistakes are mere milestones in the path towards learning. This frees the child from being pre-occupied with ‘mistakes’, helping the child focus more on learning. Plus the labs ensure an environment suitable for each child’s ‘Learning Style’, and provides each child with positive strokes in areas (s)he is strong in.

In this
A session with each parent to understand their child’s Learning Style

  • Labs to help children understand key concepts (actual hands-on)
  • Exercises for children of all three types of learning styles
  • Every lab will have a duration of 10 to 14 clock hours as per the topic
  • Max 5-6 children in each lab
  • Day and time convenient to each child in a batch
  • Feedback to parents at the end of each batch
  • Provision for counselling if required
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