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The amount of sexual content flung at us through various media sources has become a cause of concern for many parents. Sex and Violence related content is now easily available at the click of a mouse. The extent and speed of its rampant spread and its socio-cultural effects have taken the world by storm. There has been a steady increase in sex-related crimes, and the extent to which under-aged children are involved in this, is simply shocking.

Psychologists, Sociologists, Teachers and parents are now almost in agreement that early sustained lessons on Sexuality could be effective in limiting the ill-effects of this information explosion.

Basic Sex Education has been available for many years in the form of Science books and Primary Sex Education conducted in schools. But this is generally only about the changes happening in our body when we come of age. What is not addressed here, are the emotional changes happening in these children and the challenges they face due to this.

Our sexual beliefs and/or misconceptions are the root cause of many not-so-pleasant happenings we see around us. It therefore becomes so very important for us to have a sustained dialogue with our children. And the responsibility of this dialogue squarely rests on those who spend most time with the children – parents and teachers. Parents and teachers therefore need to be empowered for this.

The average age of puberty has reduced over the years. As a result, children are getting bombarded with a lot of inappropriate information at a very young age. This surely complicated matters increasing the challenges parents face.

It is therefore very important to start talking with our children at a very early age about Sexuality, especially aspects relevant to our value system. This can at times be difficult. This also cannot be a one-time exercise that we can just do and get over with. Every day can pose a different set of challenges. The crux of the matter is therefore to keep having a dialogue with our children which is age-appropriate and something which we too would be comfortable doing. It is a relentless journey full of uncertainties, yet ample opportunities.

The workshop ‘Anghad Avaghad/Sexuality : Let’s talk’ precisely addresses these needs.

Target participants

Parents of children aged 5-15 years.

Pre-requisite - Participants should have attended ‘Vaad Samvaad/ Samvaad Setu’ workshop.