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If Samvaad works towards emotional wellbeing of children, why does it focus more on parents and teachers?
We believe that the parents and teachers are the architects of overall upbringing of children. It’s the parents who spend maximum time with their children; hence they can contribute more towards their emotional wellbeing. Since every child is unique, adults need a variety of skills to bring out the best amongst children. We empower adults with these skills.

How do you do it ?

We have a facility for one-on-one counselling.

We conduct group workshops.

We have a follow up helpline for parents who are already attached to us. You may get in touch with Mithila Dalvi, from Monday to Friday between 9.00 pm and 10.00 pm on 9820306331

What are the types of workshops Samvaad organizes?
Samvaad conducts two types of workshops –

1) Public workshops organized by Samvaad and

2) In-house workshops organized by Schools, Institutes or Educational Bodies.

Who should participate in the workshops?
Any adult who deals with children aged 1-16 years.

Any adult who needs a variety of skills to deal with children.

Any adult wanting to improve a child’s learning and problem solving skills.

Anybody needing help to have a healthy and constructive dialogue with children.

What is the age group of children you cover under Samvaad?
We work with parents and teachers of children of age group 1 to 15 years. We work with children of age group 6 to 16 years (std I to X).

Where do you conduct these workshops?
Samvaad organizes public workshops mostly in Mumbai.

If the workshop is conducted on invitation (in-house workshop), we can conduct it anywhere in Maharashtra. The inviting body organizes the logistics.

How do I enroll myself in Samvaad workshops?
If you are a new parent to the Samvaad family, you may simply call us to know the details and give us your contact nos. Whenever any workshop that suits your needs is scheduled, you will receive a notification from us through SMS or e-mail.

If you are already a part of Samvaad family, you receive notifications of all parent workshops and information on relevant labs for your children.

After you receive notification from us, you may call us to inquire and tentatively book a seat. Making a payment will confirm your admission. Payments can be made through NEFT transfer or by couriering a cheque.

You will receive an SMS -confirming your participation-on receiving the payment.

Is there any follow-up after the workshops?
Yes. You can call Mithila Dalvi from Monday to Friday between 9:00pm to 10:00pm to discuss your experiences of trying out certain concepts from the workshops and/or for any questions you may subsequently have.

You can also set up a personal appointment to fine-tune the skills you have learnt in the workshop.

How often do you conduct workshops for parents/teachers?
We conduct public workshops for parents throughout the year. Once you are a part of ‘Samvaad’ family, you will receive intimation when workshops of your interest are scheduled.

We conduct in-house workshops on invitation.

What do you need for in-house workshops by invitation?
If you are a group of parents or teachers, a group with common interests, a school, an institute or a body who wishes to conduct any of our workshops, we can always organize one for you.

You are then expected to take care of all the logistics like venue, our travel/lodgingetc.

How do I enroll my child in Samvaad family?
Your child becomes a part of Samvaad family when he attends any Fun-da-mentals lab. We need to have a profile of your child before he/she starts lab work. You need to set up an appointment to profile your child.

What is a profile?
A profile lets us know the following:

a. Learning styles of parents

b. Learning style of the child

c. Child’s strengths in Multiple Intelligence

d. Any specific concern

The profile helps us empower you with some skills to improve your dealings with your children.

How often do we need to do the profile ?
• The profile is usually done once.

• If a child undergoes a major change in his learning style, we may need to do a profile again. Some children may show major changes in learning styles around the time of puberty.

Can my child start attending labs without a session on profiling?
No. A profile is a must for the overall effectiveness of any lab.

What is a lab?
A lab is a short and focussed course for children, with the sole aim of improving their understanding of a concept.

A lab employs various tools and techniques to suit the learning style of each participant child.

Last 15 to 20 minutes of every lab are dedicated to play-time. We have a variety of toys and equipment which they can explore and enjoy.

Why the emphasis on play time ?
Children love to play. They deserve it after all the hard work they put in.

Children learn to manage their time to get the play-time

The trainer gets an opportunity to silently observe each child during play time and know more about the child.

The trainer may use this time to suggest certain activities to suit the specific needs of a child.

If required, the trainer may use this time for one–on-one interaction with any child.

What is the duration of a lab?
Depending upon the subject, a lab typically may consist of 5 to 10 sessions, each session lasting for about 2 or 3 hours.

Mutual convenience of parents and children attending the lab is taken into consideration, while deciding the specific days for the labs.

Why labs of short duration and not regular classes or tuitions?
After interacting with many parents/teachers and actually working in some of the schools, the one common thing that emerged was – some concepts are not grasped well by children. These concepts remain weak while our children keep progressing to the next standard under the relentless pressure of our education system. This poses a great risk in understanding certain subjects in the higher standards. Children then start slipping in grades, start hating these subjects and get into a vicious cycle.

This is typically noticed in the case of Maths, Science, Geography, Grammar, Reading and Writing. A lab focuses more on what is not covered in tuitions/classes.

How often do you conduct labs for children?
We conduct labs for children throughout the year. Whenever parents of 5-6 children express interest in a particular lab, we can organize a lab for them.

How do I enroll my child in any of the Fundamentals labs?
Once your child is profiled with us, you receive notifications of all the relevant labs for your children.

After you receive notification from us, you may call us to book a seat. For a confirmed booking, you are expected to make the payment.

On receiving your payment, you will receive an SMS confirming your participation.

How will I know about your future workshops/lab schedules?
• Once your child is profiled with us, you receive notifications of all the relevant labs for children.

• Parents are informed about schedules in the Summer and Diwali vacations at least three months in advance, so as to help them plan their vacations.